Due South Brewing Company Introduces to 16 Ounce Cans

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Due South Brewing Company is announcing that beginning in March, all packaged beer from the Boynton Beach brewery will be produced in 16 ounce cans. The move comesBeer Styles after months of successfully canning smaller runs of limited release beers in 16 ounce cans. This transition will include all year-round brands that were previously sold in 12 ounce packaging: Caramel Cream Ale, Category 3 IPA, Category 5 IPA, and Citrafied® Pale Ale.

The new packaging format coincides with a brand refresh featuring more prominent colors, silhouetted graphics, and brighter and cleaner white backgrounds. “These refreshed cans have been brought up visually to the same level as the awesome beers we make every day,” said Doug Fairall, Due South’s Brand Marketing Manager.

The veteran owned and operated brewery has been canning beer in 12 ounce packaging for years – producing over 2 million cans since 2014. Now, after improvements across the brewery, the opening of a new on-site air conditioned taproom, and the introduction of the easy-drinking Coastline™ Lager, the brewery felt prepared to create a branding refresh on their package.

“We’ve been working hard to get these prepared for our growing Florida market, and have been met with incredible support and optimism by our customers, as well as our distribution and retail partners,” said Fairall. “We are excited to be able to offer the experience of a full pint of our beer from a can.”

“Our fans will continue to be able to bring canned beers to the places their adventures take them across Florida.”

Consumers will be able to expect 16 ounce four packs to begin taking the place of previous 12 ounce can package as they get depleted at local stores.

The move also coincides with the establishment of new distribution partners across western Florida. Due South is excited to be partnering with Pepin Distributing, Great Bay Distributors, Gold Coast Eagle, Coastal Beverages, Peace River Distributing, and Suncoast Beverage.

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