Great Notion: The Willy Wonka Factory of Craft Beer

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There are currently 84 breweries in the Portland, Oregon metro area, placing them in the top ten most breweries per capita in the U.S. But, beer thrill-seekers look for unusual and extraordinary when they visit Portland’s Great Notion. The tasting room offers a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-like experience; Willy Wonka himself would say, “the Blueberry Muffin Sour Ale tastes like an actual blueberry muffin!”


It’s uncanny! The twisted brewing minds of co-founders Andy Miller, James Dugan, and Paul Reiter are constantly thinking up new brews that make fans gasp with astonishment. 


Now, Portland is no longer keeping Great Notion’s weird and delicious beers to themselves. Online craft beer delivery retailer Tavour is partnering with the “candy store of craft.” Beer geeks in 26 states can taste these deliciously crazy concoctions from their own homes, for the very first time! 


Yes, many breweries experiment with flavor combinations and infuse beers with the flavors of dessert delicacies. However, when you get a taste of Great Notion’s newest confectionary creations, you’ll feel just like Charlie Bucket and old Grandpa Joe stepping into the Chocolate Factory. 


Their Mango Coconut Mochi Milkshake IPA tastes like mochi ice cream! Their Stacks on Stacks Stout tastes like maple syrup-drenched pancakes! And, their Jammy Pants Smoothie Sour tastes like triple berry preserves from a farmers market! Great Notion crafted practically every dessert flavor outside of snozzberries. 


The brewery recently released a collaboration with Virginia’s sought-after Aslin Beer Co. called Rat King. They describe it as a “majestic tangle of pineapple, passionfruit, pomegranate, grapefruit, lime, and cinnamon.” Dessert Sour Ales like this are a style Great Notion has helped carve a path for in craft beer.


So, while there are over 7,000 craft breweries in the U.S., the lucky beer geeks that have gotten to try them attest that Great Notion is a truly unique experience. Crazed fans have driven the demand for GN’s beers so high that the brewery opened three locations around Portland and are gearing up for two more in Seattle, Washington. 


However if you’re not in the Northwest, Tavour is your best bet to get in on the fun.

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