Guest Brewer Brings Mayflower Brewing Co.’s Limited Release 400 to New Markets

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Pewaukee, Wis. – To mark the 400th anniversary of Plymouth, MA, Guest Brewer has partnered with Mayflower Brewing to bring 400, a limited-edition Double IPA to 22 new states. Released this January, 400 will be brewed throughout 2020 for this anniversary year. A limited amount of beer is available now through April for pre-sale in select Guest Brewer markets. Before joining Guest Brewer, this limited release beer was only available in the six markets where Mayflower currently distributes.

“By offering Mayflower 400 to new states outside of our limited distribution in New England, we’re helping to broadcast one of the most iconic stories in American history to the rest of the country through our beer,” says Drew Brosseau, founder and president of Mayflower Brewing. “ The 400t h anniversary will be a major event in Plymouth this year, celebrating the Pilgrim’s daring journey to the New World, commemorating the founding of the town, and paying tribute to the Native Americans who were here before them.”

Hazy and opaque, 400 features a blend of Columbus, Amarillo, and Mosaic hops including a generous double dry hop, creating aromas of citrus rind, ripe mango and grapefruit zest. At 8% ABV there is minimal bitterness and a slight sweetness on the finish.

Mayflower has been counting up with beers 398 and 399 the past several years, and now the 400th anniversary of America’s hometown is here. Highly rated, Mayflower Brewing Co. has won a number of awards including Silver at Great British Beer Fest and is highly rated with a score over 4 on UnTappd.

Guest Brewer is Brew Pipeline’s flagship program, connecting award-winning and highly rated craft brewers to new markets for limited-time sales. Its online portal provides a one-stop solution for marketing, cooperation, transport and registration. Guest Brewer connects the best craft brewers in the industry with the most capable distributors across the top 100 US markets, allowing breweries the opportunity to test new markets and reach even more fans across the country. For more information, visit and follow on social media at @guestbrewer

Mayflower Brewing Company is a craft beer microbrewery located in historic Plymouth, Massachusetts. Founded in 2007 by a tenth great-grandson of John Alden, beer barrel cooper on board the Mayflower, Mayflower is dedicated to celebrating the history and legacy of the

Pilgrims by creating unique, high-quality ales for the New England market. The team brews and packages all of their beer at their 12,000 square foot production facility in Plymouth and uses only traditional brewing methods and ingredients. Their product line includes a set of year-round beers that honor traditional English ales, seasonal beers that celebrate the New England weather, and small-batch releases that give them a chance to try out new ideas. For more information, visit and follow on social media at @mayflowerbrew


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