Icicle Brewing’s Bootjack CANpaign begins

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Icicle Brewing Company cans its Bootjack IPA

Welcome to the 2016 Bootjack CANpaign. We hope you are as excited as we are!

For 2016 we challenged ourselves to make our award winning Bootjack IPA, better. Impossible you say? Well, we say nay! You can make a beer better without changing the recipe ya know. Like making it more travel friendly.

Since we began brewing beer we have longed for the day we can put our beer in cans and take them to the far reaches of the universe! Now, let’s just say, we are no longer longing and our ticket to Mars has been booked. We have officially canned our Bootjack IPA and we couldn’t be happier! But it’s not always about what we think. Much like we challenged ourselves, we want to challenge you to tell us what you think.

So take the #bootjackchallenge and show us all the great places you and your very own #bootjacksixpack travel to. Our poor Bootjack has been bottled up for so long… it just can’t wait to get out exploring 12 ounces at a time! Who will take it to the farthest, highest, coldest, hottest places around? There’s only one way to find out. The cans are currently available only at our tasting room in downtown Leavenworth. They are in limited supply so get them while you can. Get it? Can. #bootjackCANpaign

For details about Icicle Brewing Company and further information about our beers please feel free to contact us at:

Website: www.iciclebrewing.com
Email: info@iciclebrewing.com
Phone: 509-548-BREW (2739)

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