Shannon Brewing Company Featured in History Channel’s New Show — Blood Money

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Shannon Brewing Company is going to be featured in the History Channel’s new show — Blood Money. The History Channel describes the new show this way:

America is at a crossroads. This country was built on the backs of industrious men and women who started their own businesses. And while family businesses have moved wealth and the value of hard work from one generation to the next, many fear that millennials of today don’t have the kind of work ethic that will take their family business through this century. Chris Parvin, a family estate planner, has seen it all. So he’s headed out across this nation to help see if the kids of today have what it takes to take over
the family business tomorrow. With money, promotions, and stakes in the company on the line, this is no game. Chris will help these business owners put their children to the test and see if they have what it takes to earn their family’s Blood Money.
beer and food course

Shannon Brewing Company serves as the backdrop for Trevor’s tests. He works in the Texas brewery during the summer, trying to get a beer brewed and out to market. Trevor is personally involved in every step of the process, from brewing, fermentation, packaging and finally delivery. He learns the brewing industry from a brewer’s perspective. Does Trevor have what it takes to take over his father’s beer distribution business?

Blood Money, featuring Shannon Brewing Company, will air on Monday, August 6 at 10/9C. More image are available here.

For additional information on Shannon Brewing Company, please email Info@shannonbrewing.comor
call the brewery at 817-337-9892.

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