3 New Brands in Cans from River Rat Brewery

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Columbia’s premier craft brewery is at it again, releasing three more craft beer brands in cans this spring.

River Rat Brewery is adding Kerry’s Peanut Butter Porter, the Lost Port Porter and the Monck’s Corner Abbey Ale to their already vast selection of canned brands throughout the months of February and March. These three specialty, seasonal brews will put the number of canned brands the brewery offers to 11 (including seasonal offerings).

Kerry’s Peanut Butter Porter, obtainable in the winter and spring seasons, sits at a 6% ABV. This medium bodied porter has a raw peanut flavor that compliments the natural roasted flavors of the beer. A milder bitterness is reminiscent of eating the entire shell.

The Lost Port Porter, a vanilla porter flavored with natural Madagascar vanilla beans, also sits at 6% ABV. Available in winter and spring seasons, this porter has become a favorite of customers and employees alike. “It’s a really solid brew,” says Brew Master Drew Walker. “It really adds diversity to our tap line and stands out as an individual brew among our other 16 styles. Since it is a limited release, people can’t get enough of it while it’s around.”

The fact the brewery boasts not one, but two, porters may seem redundant but the two are vastly different from one another. “They’re two completely different porters,” says Walker. “We have a vanilla porter and a peanut butter porter so people have a choice. We have capability of having two, and they’re both delicious. We couldn’t pick just one, and we wouldn’t want our customers to have to pick just one either. Because as they say, variety is the spice of life!”

The third brand new to packaging is the Monck’s Corner Abbey Ale, a Belgian dubbel available in the spring season. Taking characteristics from the Belgian family, bubble gum and bananas come at the front end of this beer then morphs beautifully into spices at the back end. This balanced and flavorful dubbel has an ABV of 7.2% and is a popular choice to craft beer-heads and new beer drinkers alike.

The Carolina’s are seen as recreational states, from mountains and rivers to lakes and beaches. The cans allow craft drinkers the luxury of traveling with their favorite brew outdoors. Not to mention, cans are much more environmentally friendly.

River Rat moved to canning their product in September of 2016. Since then, the brewery has moved completely away from bottles, something that is becoming an industry trend.

“I love the new cans. It’s a game changer and will really change the ball game with us in the Carolina’s. Cans are becoming more and more popular every year and the change from cans to bottles in the [craft beer] industry has to be exponential,” said Mike Tourville, Owner of River Rat Brewery. “Cans are better for the beer, as no light can reach the product. Our cans look awesome. The kolsch can is groovy and the [three] new cans are, well, badass.”

Craft beer consumers in the Carolina’s can purchase River Rat Brewery cans at more than 100 craft beer bars, restaurants and establishments in both North and South Carolina. Contact your local beverage shop for purchasing opportunities

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