Beyond Bourbon: Wine- and Spirit-Inspired Beers

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Barrel-aged beers are almost a subculture when it comes to the craft beer world. Commonly bold and intense, these beers command attention with their complexity, robust taste, and often high alcohol content. When envisioning a beer that’s been aged in a barrel or inspired by another non-beer beverage, initial thoughts usually turn to bourbon or […]


The Localization of Beer Marches On

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“The adventure offered by following the guidance of medicine men and women, ancient homebrewers, and our farming ancestors—all the while taking divergent paths to find surprising new flavors—is the intoxicating heart of why we make beer.”—Scratch Brewing Company, The Homebrewer’s Almanac Nearly 10 years ago, Scratch Brewing Company set out to make beer with ingredients […]


EEB: Opening Doors to a More Inclusive Brewing Community

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At a community center in the industrial city of Orange, N.J., Joe Mettle and Roger Apollon, Jr. proudly stand in front of an arched stained-glass window before class starts. The two former New Jersey charter school teachers and craft beer connoisseurs are the founders of EEB, which stands for Entrepreneurship and Equity in Brewing, a […]


Craft Hop Growing in the U.S.

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After years of exponential growth, craft breweries are now ubiquitous to beer drinkers in every corner of the country. Now these same craft lovers are starting to take notice of the craft ingredients that make their beer special. Hops, perhaps the key flavor component of most brews, grow throughout the U.S. Dozens of small craft […]


A Toast to Summer: Festivals, Patios, and Benefits

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Spring had just sprung the weekend I spent in Boise, Idaho for the Treefort Music Festival. Surrounded by the snowcapped Boise Mountains, I was told that spring had arrived super early this year. The bounty of craft beer flowed freely within the festival’s ale fort, inspiring me to search out some of the nation’s other festival […]


Salinity & Suds: Pairing Beer with Seafood

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You know the saying: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Well, beer’s always been there for fish, but only recently have chefs around the country sufficiently established the pairings between seafood and suds to make them part […]


5 Pacific Northwest Breweries to Please Any Palate

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The roots of American craft beer extend throughout the nation, but the bines of the movement are clearly embedded in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). It’s there that hop farmers have cultivated not only a wealth of varietals but a thriving agricultural industry that provides brewers with 75 percent of the nation’s piney, citrusy, tropical-tinged botanical […]


Revitalizing Neighborhoods and Reigniting Memories

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Nothing attracts customers to a brewery more than incredible beer. But a close second? An incredible location! Breweries around the country are finding new homes in abandoned buildings, helping to revitalize communities and reignite memories. These unique locations attract both locals and travelers alike, each drawn for a different reason. From historic banks and racing […]