Fleur De Lis Brew Works to Release Mon Ami

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Seneca Falls, NY – Fleur De Lis Brew Works, Seneca Falls only farm brewery, is excited to announce the arrival of Mon Ami, the brewery’s flagship beer.  Mon Ami is a Biere De Garde style, and it will be on tap starting Saturday August 26 at the craft beer parlour.

The name, Mon Ami, means “my friend” in French.  Several of Fleur De Lis’ brews have French themed names in keeping with the style, history, and heritage of the Partee owners.  Jennifer Partee, co-owner and Media and Marketing Manager, says “the beer name fits perfectly with its flavor profile and style.  Everyone can enjoy Mon Ami.  Like a good friend it has comfort, depth and sweetness.  This is my new favorite!”

Biere De Garde literally means “beer for keeping.”  The style of beer was first brewed in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France.  It’s located in the northern-most region of France bordering Beer StylesBelgium and the English Channel.

This French ale is much like a blank canvas and can be just about anything the brewer decides to make it.  Historically, this beer was brewed during the winter and spring seasons to avoid the challenges hot summer months impose on yeast.  After completing the primary fermentation, Biere De Garde was lagered before drinking.

Traditionally, the brewer started with any available malt; today that could be Pilsner, Munich, wheat, caramel or aromatic.  Sometimes flaked maize, grits, or oats were added to round out favors.  It seems whatever was in the larder was added to the mash!  Mon Ami keeps the tradition of many types of malts.

Jon Paul, co-owner and brewer says “I wanted to make our BDG rich and dark so I used a Pilsner base layered with different Munich malts to provide deep, complex flavors.  Our flagship lagered for over three months.  You can’t rush this beer; it needs time to develop the full flavor profile.”

After mashing, Strisselspalt hops, an aromatic, mild variety were added to the wort.  Then ale yeast pitched, resulting in a top fermenting beer.  Primary fermentation lasted about 4 weeks at the brewery.  Secondary fermentation historically started with bottling the young beer, possibly adding sugar and additional yeast to the bottle, corking and cellaring for further aging.  Fleur De Lis’ first batch utilized modern methods for secondary fermentation.

Beth Partee, co-owner and craft beer parlour manager notes that Mon Ami is served in a tulip or stem glass with a healthy, cream-colored, foamy head.  It’s highly carbonated with fast-rising bubbles.  The color of Biere De Garde in general ranges from golden blonde to amber to chestnut brown depending on the malt.    Beth articulates “Mon Ami finishes a beautiful chestnut color.  It has a medium body with a toasted malt aroma.  Serving this in the stem glass reminds me of traditional French sparkling wine.”

Take a sip!  Mon Ami feels soft in the mouth with subdued hops, a spicy background and smooth finish.  Some savvy tasters may discern a slight alcohol finish with the ABV measuring 8.6%.  Bitterness is minimal with an IBU of 17 ppm.  Aaah!  Just like a friend, you will find yourself coming back to this beer again and again.  Sante!



About Fleur De Lis Brew Works:  Fleur De Lis Brew Works is a Seneca Falls, NY farm brewery founded in 2016 by Jennifer, Craig, Jon Paul and Beth Partee.  Their beer is brewed with local, New York state grown hops and malt.  It is currently available at the craft beer parlour in Seneca Falls and select Upstate NY restaurants and festivals.  Together, they share a strong heritage of local farming and love of craft beer.




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