Slushies: The Beer Trend of the Summer

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Beer slushies are the craft trend of the summer — they’ve become one of the most sought-after styles on the Tavour beer app! 


If you’ve never heard of the emerging beer style, most are Sour Ales the brewers load with exorbitant amounts of fruit or fruit puree. Some breweries craft them in neon colors. Others use lactose. Some use vanilla. Heck, some even brew with chocolate, cinnamon, or almonds and call them “sundae slushies” or “dessert slushies.” 


One thing they all have in common is a Jamba Juice-thick mouthfeel. 


Just a year ago, less than 10 craft breweries were tackling the slushy style, so fans turned to Tavour to satisfy their thirst. Lucky craft fans fell in love with 903 Brewers’ thick, slushy brews, inspired by fruit smoothies, orange creamsicles, and strawberry pineapple mojitos. 


“We began brewing slushies because we loved them ourselves,” 903 co-founder Natalie Roberts says. “Everyone was brewing Hazy IPAs and we wanted to do something unique.”


One of the Texas brewery’s craziest creations to date is a Slushy-series beer with real blueberries, blackberries, cherries, limes, grapes, plums, and lactose, designed to tap into the nostalgia of devouring a bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal in front of some Saturday morning cartoons!


 “[Our Slushy beers] are loved by such a broad audience, it amazes us! We’ve probably created 40-50 different varieties with new ones in the works,” Roberts says. Some are locals-only releases, while Tavour members get a crack at others. 


In just the past year, more and more brewmasters across the country have added slushy beers to their summer lineup to satisfy thirsty drinkers looking for something new. But, the style is still hard to get ahold of beyond most taproom walls.


With Tavour’s flash-sale model, beer drinkers know they have to grab their stash of slushy beers quickly from the limited offerings that hit the app.


North Dakota’s Drekker Brewing is helping lead the ‘anything goes’ slushy movement with their Chonk Sundae series — their newest canned release to reach Tavour members was slushy-thick with blueberries, black currants, and marshmallows. Just like the crazy can art, Drekker believes their beer should be enjoyed and thought about. They want craft fans to question what they’re drinking, talk about it, and tell their friends about it. 


Breweries like Seattle’s Urban Family and New York’s SingleCut are using actual slushy machines to offer patrons ice-cold drinks in their outdoor seating areas — or, they serve them in drink-now to-go cups. These skilled brewers often create beer slushies with such a dense mouthfeel, it’s worthy of being slurped up with a straw!


The craft beer scene is known for pushing boundaries, and beer slushies are one of the most whimsical ways brewers are keeping things fresh and exciting right now.

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